Meet Brightwell Dispensers Ltd

Posted on 20/01/2021

Brightwell Dispensers Ltd is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems.

Based in Newhaven, Brightwell Dispensers is a proud family-run business that has been successful to build a strong worldwide reputation and the leading position in the market. With forward-thinking at the front of its mission, Brightwell Dispensers continues to design new products to remain one step ahead in an ever-changing industry. The company’s dosing systems and dispensers are some of the most advanced in the sector.

What do they do?

Brightwell Dispensers has a wide product range that covers all hygiene environments such as away-from-home washrooms, healthcare and leisure facilities, on-premise and industrial laundries and professional kitchens.

Products are exported to over 85 countries worldwide, supported by a network of exclusive distributors. The primary manufacturing facilities are based in Newhaven with 95% of its components produced in-house, from the first steps of plastic injection moulding to the packing of finished goods.

Brightwell’s presence in Newhaven continues to grow as it has launched engineering apprenticeships available to local people and the team continues to invest in creating and supporting opportunities for young people.


Established in 1947, the company has a strong reputation as a reliable provider and partner for paper and chemicals manufacturers, janitorial companies, dishwasher and washing machines providers and international corporations.

Company values

  • Family-owned business – The business operates with its family values at the forefront.
  • Culture and Ethos – Brightwell’s people are its most important asset and the firm encourages their personal development through role-specific training and promotion.
  • Customer Service – Customer needs are a central focus for Brightwell and relationships are established at all levels within the business.
  • Innovative design – As a visionary and forward-thinking business, the boundaries of its design and innovation are always extended whilst protecting its patent register.
  • Quality Culture – Quality culture has always been one of the foundations of the company and it is continuously promoted across the business and workforce.
  • Continuous reinvestment – profits are reinvested in the sustainability of the company, including human resources, equipment, new design development and quality enhancement.
  • Growth and Development – global sales and manufacturing expansion is an important aspect of its business model. The aim is to keep its position as a world class manufacturer.


Sustainability is a key part of Brightwell’s ethos. As a certified company, it has processes in place to ensure that all operations are sustainable and the team continue to monitor and improve environmental activities.

When making decisions and creating new products, Brightwell aims to find the best balance between sustaining human resources and the environment. At the same time, the team also evaluates the economics of the situation, so it remains competitive, profitable and continues to meet the needs of its customers.

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