Spotlight: Lincolns Kitchens & Granite

Posted on 12/10/2020


Lincolns Kitchens and Granite is a family-run independent business, focused on collaborating with tradespeople to design and manufacture solid surface worktops and create bespoke kitchens, locally in Sussex.

As an independent company, Lincolns focuses on quality, reliability and value, which means sourcing the best quality products from a large range of suppliers with competitive prices.

Committed to removing the hassle from projects, the business works alongside a highly skilled team of professionals to ensure that all projects are completed to the highest standard.


Husband and wife duo, Rosie and Pete Lincoln, started the business five years ago. With 40 years of combined industry knowledge, Lincolns Kitchens and Granite was established in Newhaven. Both Rosie and Pete are based in Newhaven and employ locally to support their community.

Company values

Lincolns Kitchens and Granite is a company that focuses on collaborating with trade professionals to remove complications and to deliver a unique kitchen that fits the customer’s personal life.

The business pledges an open and responsive communication process and guarantees each client’s vision is translated through a personalised and professional service.

The process

As in independent company, Lincolns Kitchens and Granite works with a variety of suppliers and a uses a range of products manufactured in UK.

Once a design has been finalised with the client, Lincolns provides a full template, supply and installation of any granite, marble, quartz and solid surface worktops, creating a bespoke kitchen.


All products used within the company are sustainable or can be fully recycled. Its water machinery is a recycling facility that re-uses water to help reduce water waste. The company works closely with waste management services to make sure everything is sustainable and helping the planet.


Lincolns Kitchens and Granite is focused on continuing to grow 20% year-on-year and has achieved this growth continually over the last five years. Additionally, the company promises to employ local individuals to pass on skill sets and to maintain a fading trade.

For more information, please visit the Lincolns Kitchens and Granite website